Face your deadly emotions head on and take control of your life

How many times have you said 'I'm fine!', when really you're not? Bottling up emotions can wear out your body, damaging your physical appearance and internal organs as well as limiting the way you think and communicate.

My 12 week journey contains all the strategies you need to recognise and resolve harmful emotional states, leaving you physically and mentally ready to face present and future challenges with confidence.

  • Discover the basics — explore the physiology of emotions and how emotional trauma can result in lasting physical symptoms
  • Tune into your body — revamp your diet, exercise, breathing and sleep patterns to help create inner calm
  • Take charge of your emotions — map out your emotional history, resolve lingering issues and learn to focus on the positive
  • Activate Healing —motivate yourself to change and free your creative spirit
  • Future looks amazing — identify long-term challenges and plan ways to help yourself and others deal with difficult emotions

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